MICHAL MUCHA - Trainings and certification:




Completed the M. Sc. Higher education studies in the field of Electronics and Communication Systems, specialization of Radioelectronics Engineering




•    Installation, commissioning and service of radio / nav equipment (6 years experience)

•    Experience in cooperation with the crew on board after practice in Technical Department of offshore company

•    Experience of world-wide service arrangement and coordination

•    Experience of world-wide sales arrangement and coordination

•    Experience as GMDSS and VDR / S-VDR surveyor (3 years)

•    Experience in supervision and verification of services on board (4 years)

•    Experience on training service technicians on board during commissioning and installations

•    Experience of radio-officer, radio service and maintenance technician in Polar Research Station (1 year experience)







•    Raytheon, Pathfinder / ST ECDIS and MK2 ECDIS Maintenance Training

•    Raytheon, Pathfinder / ST MK2 Radar Maintenance Training

•    Raytheon Integrated Bridge Systems

•    Raytheon GMDSS / Communication Equipment, NERA F77

•    Raytheon GMDSS Equipment (MF/HF STR 2000, Inm-C STR 1500 C/CN/CNT, VHF 1000/1100 DSC, VHF STR 8400)

•    Raytheon Autopilot NP 2000 series, Autopilot Pilotstar D, NP 2015

•    Raytheon Gyro Compass Equipment ST20 Compact SEC with Operator Unit

•    Raytheon Anschütz Ship Steering Systems

•    Raytheon NSC Series Radar Installation and Maintenance Training

•    Raytheon Gyro Compass Equipment ST22 with Distribution and Operator Unit Operators and Maintenance Course

•    Raytheon Proportional Steering Control Amplifier 139-155

•    Raytheon Raytheon Pathfinder / ST ECDIS Installation, Maintenance and Operator Training

•    Furuno Installation, Commisionning, Service for FAR-21X7 Radar, FM-8800 VHF DSC, FS-1570 MF/HF DSC, FELCOM-15 INM C

•    Transas Instructor Training Course on Installation, Maintenance and Operation of the Simulator “Navi-Trainer Professional 4000”, TTC Transas Training & Consulting

•    Samsung SVDR (Samsung Voyage Data Recorder)

•    Samsung NARU2000 (Electronic Chart Display and Information System, Samsung)

•    Samsung SSAS-21C (Integrated Control and Monitoring System) for Samsung

•    AMI Marine Installation, Commissioning and Annual Survey for VR2272 VDR and VR2272B SVDR AMI-GFV Systems

•    NetWave Installation & Commissioning NetWave (S)VDR-4000 series




    Thrane&Thrane 3000SSA – Software upgrade; Ship data verification and upgrade, Operator and Maintenance Training

•    AMI Marine VDR and S-VDR (VR2272) – Training on VDR Simulator

•    Nauticast AIS – Software upgrade, Operator and Maintenance Training