Sep-2010, New Century Shipyard, China - DHL PACIFIC


We've just finished installation of Training Bridge on capesize max, 176.000 DWT vessel DHL Pacific. It is Transas Bridge Simulator (NT Pro 4000) with fully integrated Raytheon Anschutz bridge equipment. In general there are:

  real Raytheon NSC Chart-Radar,
  real Raytheon ECDIS,
  real GPS and AIS integrated with Radar and ECDIS'

  data repeaters for Speed Log, Echosounderand Gyrocompass data
  real VHF for main Simulator and Chart Station
  real Inm-C
  real Navtex
  real FU handwheel and NFU tiller
  real Engine Telegraph

...and possibility to switch over to full Transas NAVI Trainer PRO 4000 Simulation with 3 visualization channels which contains:

  Instructor Station
  Briefing / debriefing station,
  Conning Display (whole steering mode, double engine controls, thrusters controls, nav-instruments, anchorage, mooring and tug control, nav lights, shapes and sounds control),
  Navaids simulation station (with GPS/DGPS, Loran-C, AIS, MF/HF and route manager simulators),
  Radar ARPA sim control (simulation of realistic radar picture for Raytheon NSC Radar, radar control functions and interfaces),
  GMDSS Simulator (TGS 4100) Station,
  3 Visualisation (VIS 4000) channels (with 52" LCD displays),
  Bridge Soundsystem 5.1,
  5 excersises areas,
  10 own ship models


All SImulator Software installed on 11 computers integrated inside Instructor Desk, Main Simulator Bridge and Chart/GMDSS Station.Simulator Bridge was installed below main bridge of the ship (also full Raytheon equipped) to support training programm for 12 cadets during 4 months stay on board.

Some pictures of finished project attached below.