ANDRZEJ RUSAK - Trainings and certification:




Completed the Ship’s Building Technologies College in the field of Ship’s construction, mechanics, electro-mechanics, electric and electronic.




•    Installation, commissioning and service of radio / nav equipment (4 years experience)

•    Experience of world-wide service arrangement and coordination

•    Experience of world-wide sales arrangement and coordination

•    Cost Guard Radio Operator (2 years)

•    Deep Sea Vessels Radio-officer (9 years)

•    Electronic/Electric Engineer (6 years)







•    Raytheon Gyro Compass Equipment  ST 20 Compact / Plus Version

•    Raytheon NSC Series Radar Installation and Maintenance Training

•    Raytheon Pathfinder / ST ECDIS Installation, Maintenance and Operation

•    Raytheon Operator and Maintenance of Autopilot NP2000 Series, Pilotstar D, NP60

•    Raytheon Anschütz Ship Steering Systems

•    Raytheon Integrated Bridge Systems

•    Raytheon Pathfinder / ST MK2 Radar Maintenance Training

•    Raytheon Advance Steering Systems

•    AMI Marine Installation, Commissioning and Annual Survey for VR2272 VDR and VR2272B SVDR AMI-GFV Systems




•    Thrane&Thrane 3000SSA – Software upgrade; Ship data verification and upgrade, Operator and Maintenance Training

•    AMI Marine VDR and S-VDR (VR2272) – Training on VDR Simulator

•    Nauticast AIS – Software upgrade, Operator and Maintenance Training

•    SAILOR EPIRB – programming and data verification